art materials

about art psychotherapy

Working with art materials offers a concrete and symbolic way of self exploration. With the guidance and support of the art psychotherapist, it can offer relief from stress, self empowerment and bring more awareness of self and others. It is a pathway into the internal world, where words and language often fail. The art psychotherapist and the client jointly explore the art process and art work additionally to an exploration of their relationship. The art psychotherapist offers ideas and interpretations that support the development of a new understanding and meaning in life.

Unconscious hidden areas of a person can surface more easily in the artwork. Using the art materials can promote a sense of self agency and creativity. It is not important to be good at art or even have experience working with art; anyone can use art materials and gain benefits from this approach. Art psychotherapy is also beneficial for people who express themselves easily verbally; through a non verbal expression with art materials hidden areas can emerge more easily and be explored further.

I offer a safe, confidential and non judgemental space where feelings and thoughts can be explored either verbally or non verbally and be understood.

My art psychotherapy practice is informed by my ongoing art practice over many years. I have offered art psychotherapy to both individuals and groups in Mental health and Addiction services. My theoretical orientation is psychodynamic. My additional training in Integrative Psychotherapy does also have an influence on my practice.