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Welcome! My name is Uschi Gramann. I am an HCPC (Health and Care Professional Council) and BAAT (British Association of Art therapists) registered Art Psychotherapist with many years experience working in the public and voluntary sector in various settings. Over the last ten years I have also run a private practice.

Art psychotherapy is a form of psychotherapy that involves the use of visual art materials in the therapeutic process, with the art psychotherapist facilitating insight, wellbeing and personal growth.

Art psychotherapy is helpful with the following: depression; anxiety; stress; physical illness; identity issues; trauma/abuse; relationship problems; work problems; bereavement; addiction/co-dependency.

It can also offer new insights and benefits, if you don't experience obvious problems. It is particularly useful if you find it difficult to express feelings verbally.

An initial consultation meeting is helpful to find a way forward. It can clarify what the problem areas are and how art psychotherapy can help you, or whether verbal therapy would be more useful for you.