psychotherapy and supervision


I have also trained in integrative counselling and psychotherapy at The Minster Centre. Integrative work is about working towards an integration of mind, body and emotions in an individual way. By exploring personal issues, in a safe and confidential space, a process of healing can happen. Having completed a two year Baby observation course at the British Psychotherapy Foundation has made me very aware of early processes and their significance for therapeutic working with my clients.

Mindfulness meditation and exercises have been of particular interest to me in the last years as a way to help with depression, anxiety and stress. I can offer this approach in combination with Art psychotherapy or just as part of the Psychotherapy session, if you are interested in learning about this.

I have participated in a training course, 'Working with Trauma', at The Tavistock Centre, which is an area I am also very interested in.


I am a BAAT approved Supervisor and experienced in providing clinical supervision for professionals working in Mental Health and Addiction services and Practitioners working in other Social care areas. I have over many years also supervised art psychotherapy students and counselling students. A training in supervision skills at the BPF has also been valuable in my supervisory practice.

Supervision is ultimately for the benefit and understanding of the client; however it is also about building the confidence of the practitioner and the development of professional competence. Reflecting on Transference and Countertransference and organisational issues are an important part of the process .The art work (for Art therapists) would also offer insights into unconscious processes and transference phenomena.

I abide in my professional practice to the British association of Art therapists (BAAT) code of Ethics and principles of good practice and also to the UKCP code of Ethics. I am accredited member of UKCP. Art psychotherapy is a state registered profession. To practice as an Art psychotherapist, it is legally required to be registered with the HCPC( Health and Care Professional Council). I am working in compliance with General Data Protection Regulation(GPDR) and I am registered with the ICO

I welcome German speakers to contact me, as I can offer Art psychotherapy and Psychotherapy in the German language.